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Learn How To Become A Cheerleader Part 2

Contact your local YWCA, YMCA, and park district or gymnastics gym to see what kind of classes they offer. Taking a tumbling class will help you in many ways. It will improve your tumbling, flexibility, and agility. Some places have tumbling for cheerleaders or actual cheerleading classes and clinics. Sign up right away, so you can get as much practice as you can before the tryouts. If there are not classes, you can look into private lessons. Also, grab a friend to help you with the motions. Cheerleading motions are sharp and precise. All cheers are made up using 12 positions, high V, low V, T, broken T, right diagonal, left diagonal, touchdown, low touchdown, daggers, buckets, right punch, and left punch. If you can get someone to help, master these motions and your chances of making the team increase dramatically.

Find and read all the material you can on cheerleading. Check out books from the library, watch the competitions on TV, and talk to other cheerleaders and visit sites on the internet. You might have to make up your own moves for a dance or cheer at the tryouts so use your research to help you with that. Watch the girls on TV and try to mimic their motions.

Practice your flexibility at home; be sure to stretch every day. Practice your splits and do a bridge, straddle stretches, hamstring stretches, and hurdler stretches. Be sure to jog lightly for a few minutes before you stretch to warm up your muscles . It is not good for your body to do a cold stretch. Try jogging and weight lifting too. A person who is physically fit has a good chance of making the squad even if they've never cheered before because the coach will see your potential. Do not forget to practice your jumps too!

Practice in front of a mirror. This way you can see what needs improving. Also, do not forget to practice how to yell loudly. When you are practicing, include smiling. Do not overdo the facials at tryouts. An enthusiastic voice and a genuine smile can work wonders!

At tryouts, they will expect you to spirit after your sidelines and cheers and if you do not practice what you are going to do then you will have trouble at tryouts. When you are spiriting, do kicks, a jump, or random arm motions.

Find a friend to practice with at tryouts, preferably someone who has cheered before. Be prepared to learn many new things at tryouts. If you have a good attitude and ask many questions, the coach cannot help but notice how dedicated you are. Dedication, a willingness to work, the ability to take criticism and lots of spirit make a good cheerleader.

Here are a few things you should not do if you are going to try out for cheerleading.

Do not diet heavily before tryouts to become "skinny." Cheerleaders come in all shapes and sizes; you do not have to be small or thin to be a cheerleader. Moreover, dieting before tryouts will decrease your energy and memory skills. A better thing to do is to eat healthy and exercise. If the coach happens to tell you to lose weight check with a doctor. If the doctor says you are overweight, then losing those extra pounds is good for you. If the doctor says, you are fine the way you are then do not try out for the team. You do not want to be on a team where the coach is going to harp on you about your weight. That is the sign of a bad coach.

Do not go overboard on the stretching and weight lifting. You are likely to injure yourself in the process and then you will not be able to try out at all. Just because the coach says that you have to be able to do the splits does not mean that you have to force yourself to go down. You will really hurt yourself if you do. Just do the best you can! The coach will see you are making an effort.

Do not try any gymnastics trick or stunts at the tryout if you have never done them before. Again, you could get hurt seriously and cheerleading tryouts are not worth that!

Do not wear baggy clothing to the tryout thinking it will hide your body or your motions. Not only is baggy clothing dangerous it will make you look sloppy. On the same note, do not dress skimpy either. Wear sensible shorts and a reasonably fitted tee shirt and tie your hair back. Avoid metal barrettes and take off all of your jewelry. Trim your fingernails too because long nails can scratch people.

Do not think that just because you did not make the squad the first time does not mean you will never be on the team. If at first you do not succeed, try out again next year. Besides, you have a whole year to practice!